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10 Steps To Being Brave at Work

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You Shouldn't Have to "Deal" with Being Frustrated In Your Career.

What if today is the first step to all of that changing?

Many women stay in jobs that they feel stuck or frustrated in. It’s often easier to stay comfortable rather than speaking up or taking action. With most of us investing at least one third of our waking hours in our careers, it’s a sad reality — dragging yourself to a job that has no meaning, doesn’t serve you or is making you sick and unhappy.

And as you sit there, going through the motions, you’re wasting your true potential. Your skills and talents, your incredible leadership capabilities, are going unused and undeveloped. You’re stuck and you feel that your time to make a change or take a chance may be dwindling. But…you’re not out of time just yet. In fact, right now may be the best time to make a change you’ll ever get.

Introducing the Brave Women at Work Program

When I entered the workforce, I was eager and a hard worker, just like many of you. I thought that to get ahead in my career, I had to work all hours of the day and night, never say no to projects and act the part of the dutiful employee. I sacrificed time with friends, family and my husband, all in effort to get ahead in my career.

The efforts paid off eventually. Before that career breakthrough though, I was told that I would never be in management, that I didn’t have leadership potential and that I needed to stay in the position I was because I was suited for it. My perfectionism, coupled with Imposter Syndrome and people pleasing, left me feeling stuck and frustrated. It wasn’t until I took brave action to realize I was worth more than my current job and started networking and asked for what I wanted that I achieved my breakthrough. Finally, I got a seat at the management table!

The only thing is that when I got to management, I didn’t have the mental and emotional foundation to work smarter, delegate to others and leave my perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome and people pleasing behind. These mental struggles along with some tough personal years with postpartum anxiety after the birth of my first daughter and secondary infertility and IVF to bring my second daughter in the world left me drained with a capital ‘D’. By 2019, after 20+ years of work and many rollercoasters in life, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t "fake it until I made it". I struggled with anxiety and depression and many other health issues. During my darkest hours, I knew in my heart there had to be a better way to live and work.

And that’s how the Brave Women at Work Program was born. I believe that we all can be brave at work. While being brave means something different to everyone, I see it as taking those small steps that stretch us out of our comfort zones to reach our highest potential. That could be speaking up in a meeting, asking for a raise or negotiating your next job offer. It could also be as big as taking on a huge leadership position or speaking in front of a large audience. The beautiful thing is that you get to decide.

With the Brave Women at Work Program, I go alongside you as you get clear on who you are and what is important to you. We then talk about what being brave means to you and how you would like to embody that in your career. We identify what may be holding you back from reaching your vision and work hard manage or bust through these blocks. We also talk about ways that your can nourish your mind, body and spirit to avoid burnout. And let’s not forget….we celebrate your wins!

After using this same framework in my own career, I have realized more happiness, success, joy and ease. I’m managing my time and energy better. I have fostered better relationships both personally and professionally. And most importantly, I am exactly where I want to be.

I want the same things for you. I would be honored to accompany you in your own journey towards career happiness and fulfillment!

With the Brave Women at Work Program, there are 3 and 6 month programs available, depending on the nature of the challenges you’re facing and your professional goals. Let’s chat to see what’s the best fit for you!

Your Career is About to Be Very Different

Imagine that you’re in the flow with your work so much that the time just flies by. You don’t dread Sundays because you need to go back to work on Monday. Might sound impossible, but that’s the experience of so many of my clients once they discover the work they were meant to do and learn to overcome their obstacles. Frustration and burnout are replaced with excitement and a feeling of alignment. Resentment is replaced with reward and meaning. Fear is replaced with gratitude and happiness. Everything changes when you do what you love.


You finally feel that you’re doing important, meaningful, and worthwhile work.


You finally feel that you’re using your innate skills and living up to your potential.


You finally feel career happiness and fulfillment.

Ready to Take the First Step?

At this point, you can follow one of two paths. First, you can move on without clicking the button below and stay stuck and frustrated in an unfulfilling career.

And, chances are, you’ll continue getting what you’ve always gotten. You can continue to struggle in your career and face the challenges alone.

Or you can choose the second path.

You can choose to do something different, to stop trying to figure this out all by yourself and instead follow the lead of someone who has already figured out how to achieve the very things you want so badly. You know where you’ll be in a year if you choose to do nothing, but there’s no telling how far you’ll go in your career with an expert by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

If you’re ready find work you love, overcome your obstacles and reach your career goals, I invite you to choose the second path, click the button below, and take the first step toward a bigger, brighter future.

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