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24 Career and Leadership Affirmations for Women

Your mindset sets the tone for how you manage your day, your interactions with others, your professional and personal goals, and your actions. Using affirmations on a daily basis can help you stay positive, motivated, and confident, even in times of self-doubt or fear. Download this affirmations list, select 2-3 of them that resonate with you, and start using them today. 

Get Paid: 10 Negotiation Tips

Women are still getting paid 82 cents to every dollar a man is paid in the U.S. as of the 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics. Let’s change that, shall we? Download this guide to learn the top 10 tips I share with my coaching clients who are looking to feel like they are getting paid what they are worth for the contributions they make at work.

5 Steps to Managing Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome, or the feeling of being a fraud, can strike at any time, but especially when you are leveling up in your career, leading a team for the first time, or trying something new. If you listen to the Imposter Syndrome voice inside your head, it can keep you playing small at work. And we don’t want that! Download this freebie to get a step-by-step guide to manage your mindset when Imposter Syndrome strikes.

Brave Women at Work Podcast

Listen in on discussions that teach you how to advocate for yourself and let others recognize the value you bring to the workplace. Don’t let the long hours you spend at work make you feel bored or unappreciated. Find out when it’s appropriate to negotiate your salary, your hours, and your position to get the most out of your job. One should not put their professional success in the hands of others. Take advantage of your unique abilities to make significant strides in your career.

Get ready for your next negotiation with our Free Guide

Get Paid: 10 Negotiation Tips from Brave Women at Work

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