EP33: Push Past Your Comfort Zone and Find Your Purpose with Ilhiana Rojas Saldana

Do you have a friend or colleague that has a compelling and brave story? Well, my conversation with Ilhiana was a shining example of how you can overcome challenges and push past your comfort zone to find success.  

Ilhiana is a Transformation Strategy Coach and Consultant, a Diversity and Inclusion Catalyst, a Hispanic advocate and an international motivational speaker. She is a possibility thinker and a firm believer that nothing is impossible.


Her mission is to empower professionals to move from ordinary to extraordinary through meaningful transformation by helping them embrace their purpose, elevate their voice, expand their potential and thrive through personal empowerment. She specializes in leadership development, diversity and inclusion practices, enabling high-powered teamwork, strengthening personal skills and personal brand development. All essential to maximize workplace performance, engagement and collaboration.


With over 20 years of executive experience leading and coaching professionals, teams and businesses into success for notable Fortune 500 companies, Ilhiana understands the mindset, skillset and behaviors required to achieve success. Always attached to unconventional challenges, she owes her accomplishments to being open to new opportunities, constantly moving out of her comfort zone. Throughout her journey, she has learned that being good at a job is not enough to achieve a successful and fulfilling career. It’s also essential to be aligned with your purpose.


During my conversation with Ilhiana, we talked about finding your purpose, getting out of your comfort zone (I love to live there most of the time – let’s face it, we tell ourselves it’s safer and therefore more comfortable), and taking brave and bold leaps in our careers and lives, even when we’re afraid.

You’re not going to want to miss this powerful conversation!


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