EP: 47 Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway with Natalie Benamou

Have you ever had a situation where you shrank back and let fear win? You didn’t pursue the thing or the next step personally or professionally because you let fear or Imposter Syndrome get the best of you? Well, this story is not about fear taking center stage.

This podcast is about feeling the fear and taking steps anyway. I think we can all agree that fear is a natural part of life. We all feel fear at some point in our lives, and often at many points. It’s what we do next that can define us.

My conversation with Natalie Benamou, owner and President/CEO of HerCsuite, was about just this. Natalie provides us with several examples of how she felt fear and still took steps towards her goals. She never thought that she “couldn’t”. It was more about the question, “Why not me?” I think if we all asked that same question, “Why not me?” when we are facing something scary head-on, it would often, if not always, have a different outcome.

So, if you’re facing something scary in your world right now, ask that question. “Why not me?”

During my conversation with Natalie, we also discussed:

– What the career lattice is and how it’s different than the career ladder – How networking and building a community of women can help you in your career

– How to take failures or disappointments and turn them into something positive

– The superhighway to success and the qualities of top leaders Resources:

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