EP: 46 Radical Self-Acceptance with Emily Nolan

Have you ever looked in the mirror and called yourself fat or ugly? Have you felt body shame because you didn’t feel good in the body you are in? I’ve definitely been there. There were years that I felt like I wasn’t thin enough or tried to hide out in baggy clothes. I would over-exercise because I thought if I exercised more than enough, it could make up for how I felt.

I’m sure I’m not alone here as I say this out loud on the podcast for the first time. When I met Emily Nolan, a true body awareness advocate, I felt like I met someone that really understood.

On today’s show, Emily and I talked about

• Her story with modeling and being every size to try to fit into the modeling world

• How body-shaming can impact our self-concept and have very negative repercussions on how we show up in the world, and that also means how we show up at work and what our productivity looks like

• What steps we can take to radically accept who we are right now at whatever size and look we are

Here’s a bit more about Emily: Emily Nolan is the host of Brave Talks, a podcast sharing radical honesty and self-acceptance. She’s been recognized as one of the “Most Influential Thought Leaders in Wellness” by Mind Body Green (MBG), “Women to Watch: The Body Reformer,” by Ocean Drive, and one of the “Rockstar Yogis Leading the Body-Positive Movement,” also by MBG. Her work as a model at 16 sizes (0-16) and founding Topless Yoga, a bras-on bellies-out self-confidence event, has been recognized by hundreds of global leaders and media sources.

Emily has presented in four countries to thousands of women, students, and athletes. A former model and Division 1 athlete who struggled deeply with disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and plastic surgery–breast implants, followed by full-body liposuction, and a breast explant–Emily regularly shares her story and message via her award-winning blog, EmilyNolan.com, and across multiple social media platforms, where she has over 250,000 combined followers.

She’s been featured in Elle, Elle Canada, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, Ocean Drive Magazine, Popsugar, Seventeen, Women’s Health, and Yoga Journal, among many other places, and has appeared on the Today Show. She holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and Business Development and Leadership Studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, a Masters Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Matt, son Oliver, and rescue dog, Spunky.

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