EP: 43 Get Quality Sleep and Improve Your Performance with Deb Vyskocil

When someone asks you how you are, what do you say? Most likely, you say that you’re busy. All this busyness and this going, going, going is stacking up to a lack of sleep among most Americans, which includes us working women out there.

I looked up what the average American worker gets in terms of sleep each night and it is 6.8 hours. That is less than what we need. According to the National Sleep Foundation, we need 7 – 9 hours of sleep each night.

On the show today, I talked with Debbie Vyskocil. Debbie is the founder of Optimal Edge Performance and an expert is sleep and its impact on personal and professional performance.

During our discussion, we talked about: • How sleep impacts performance • Ways you can improve your sleep tonight • Why naps are important • Why I may have “anger issues” after naps • What revenge sleep procrastination is • What steps people with insomnia and other longstanding sleep issues can take to improve their sleep.

Here’s more about Debbie:

As President of Optimal Edge Performance, Debbie works with individuals and leading corporations coaching clients to become more resilient, increase their performance and take their brains to an optimal balance. Passionate to help as many as possible, Debbie speaks regularly to corporations, organizations. Debbie leverages her expertise in neuroscience to coach clients on how to reach peak levels of achievement. With a focus on productivity and creativity, she delivers an understanding of how neuroscience can enhance performance for leadership and their teams. “Building high-performance teams by winning individual head games” is the basis of Debbie’s work.

Debbie has an electrical engineering background, a psychology degree, extensive neuroscience training, and is board certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. Her unique combination of science and emotional acumen led her to work with some of the business world’s highest performers. She has trained with coaches who focus on the “head game” for Olympiads and World Cup champions. Debbie shares her expertise as a TEDx speaker and writer for the Naval Institute publication, Proceedings, along with online publishing platforms, Medium and Thrive Global.

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