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EP: 74 Power at the Table with Sharla Frost

Today, my guest is Sharla Frost, an accomplished trial attorney, entrepreneur, and author. I not only talk about having a seat at the table at work but how you can have power at the table. In our conversation, we discuss: 1. The difference between…

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EP: 73 The No Club with Laurie Weingart

Do you have a problem saying NO?  Do you take on unnecessary projects at work because you believe extra work is going to reward you? Are you afraid of saying no because you want to please others or don’t want to disappoint them?  Been…

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EP: 71 Wild Hair with Tracy Edmonds

I’m excited about today’s guest. Tracy Edmonds and I met on LinkedIn after yes, she wrote an amazing post about burnout and her pivot to business ownership.    Tracy has an amazing story and creates powerful content to empower women. I…

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EP: 70 The Tortoise and Hare Energy

It’s Brave Women at Work Thursday!    Do you remember the childhood story, The Tortoise and the Hare? I’m reflecting on it this week after receiving some feedback during one my recent performance reviews. The feedback I received was to have…

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