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EP: 51 We Building with Laura Kriska

We’re going to talk about a very important topic – living and working in diverse and equitable cultures. You may have heard about this as DEI or diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI is a term used to describe programs and policies that encourage…

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EP: 49 Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

With many working women feeling a bit drained around this time of year, I thought it would be a good reminder for all of us to put our oxygen masks on first. So, what do I mean by this? The phrase comes from the information that flight attendants give…

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EP: 46 Radical Self-Acceptance with Emily Nolan

Have you ever looked in the mirror and called yourself fat or ugly? Have you felt body shame because you didn’t feel good in the body you are in? I’ve definitely been there. There were years that I felt like I wasn’t thin enough or tried to hide…

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