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EP: 57 Remove Your Mask with Dion Johnson

Have you ever met someone and immediately connected with them? When I met my guest for this episode that’s exactly what happened! Dion Johnson, AKA the Womanologist, has an amazing story of struggle and triumph that I’m excited for you to hear. …

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EP: 56 Microdosed Mindfulness with Janet Fouts

My guest today, Janet Fouts, is an expert on taking care of ourselves and others. Janet and I talked about her new book, Micro Dosed Mindfulness (the book isn’t out yet, but soon!), and how we can apply small techniques throughout our day to increase…

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EP: 52 Heart Boss with Regan Walsh

I know that I feature a lot of books on the Brave Women at Work show, but the book Heart Boss by Regan Walsh really stole my heart. It’s a great mix of Regan’s personal stories and wisdom that get you thinking about how you can start trusting your…

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