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My Mission Is to Help You Reach Your Highest Career Goals Without Sacrificing Your Happiness

Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone would give all women entering the workforce a manual for how to navigate it all? The manual would tell us that it’s ok to advocate for ourselves, ask for what we want, negotiate a fair wage, take time off and not overwork, and the list goes on. Well, as far as I know, this manual doesn’t exist. At least not yet. 🙂

When I entered the workforce, I was eager and a hard worker, just like many of you. I thought that to get ahead in my career, I had to work all hours of the day and night, never say no to projects and act the part of the dutiful employee. I sacrificed time with friends, family and my husband, all in effort to get ahead in my career.

The efforts paid off eventually. Before that career breakthrough though, I was told that I would never be in management, that I didn’t have leadership potential and that I needed to stay in the position I was because I was suited for it. My perfectionism, coupled with Imposter Syndrome and people pleasing, left me feeling stuck and frustrated. It wasn’t until I took brave action to realize I was worth more than my current job and started networking and asked for what I wanted that I achieved my breakthrough. Finally, I got a seat at the management table!

The only thing is that when I got to management, I didn’t have the mental and emotional foundation to work smarter, delegate to others and leave my perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome and people pleasing behind. These mental struggles along with some tough personal years with postpartum anxiety after the birth of my first daughter and secondary infertility and IVF to bring my second daughter in the world left me drained with a capital ‘D’. By 2019, after 20+ years of work and many rollercoasters in life, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t "fake it until I made it". I struggled with anxiety and depression and many other health issues. During my darkest hours, I knew in my heart there had to be a better way to live and work.

Over the last 3 years, I’m here to tell you that there is a better way to work. You can reach your career goals without burning out to do it. You don’t have to have a big career and a small life. You can be happy and whole while enjoying your career. Let me show you how!

If you are ready to get clear about your career and leadership goals, identify obstacles you’d like to overcome, and map out a path from where you are to where you want to be, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Click on the button below to book a free 30-minute Discovery Call to learn more.

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